Thursday, October 2, 2008

Frugalness Day 2

October 2, 2008

I have to get gas today, no coupon for that sadly…. But I do have cash, which is better since I am trying to pay down my CC.

Breakfast today was a bit of my egg quiche cooked in the crock pot – very filling and easy check out ‘365 days of crockpotting’, with the crockpot lady Steph!

Lunch was about 6 harry and david meatballs I found in the freezer, some honey ham (also H and D) and a fresh tomato and an apple for dessert. No need to eat out here my friends!!

My evening tasks are to be:
Go swimming. Tidy living room. Finish OT article. Wash whites.

Make apple butter in the crockpot (again, thanks Steph!) using apples I bought and a bunch that were left in the common area at work. I do need to buy whole cloves tho, and not aiming to run to the store…and btw Target doesn’t have cloves!

Dinner will probably be ??
I’m feeling adventurous. Grilled cheese… with fresh sourdough bread and my new pack of Gruyere cheese, with a hint of Swiss. I need a veggie in here somewhere. I have green beans in the freezer or I’ll hit up Produce Junction and get some cukes and shrooms.

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