Thursday, November 22, 2012

After Thanksgiving & Shopping, Relax at Maggiano's Little Italy KoP

Bring it on weekend: Maggiano’s Little Italy KoP is ready!

Thanksgiving is upon us, and while we are so excited for turkey and stuffing, there are many good vittles to be enjoyed over the holiday weekend.

If you are hard-core Black Friday shopping at the King of Prussia Mall or want a night out to relax after cooking an enormous turkey, look no further- Maggiano’s Little Italy King of Prussia to the rescue!

The décor is immensely soothing, with old-school jazz playing, warm wall tones, dark-wood tables and chairs, and the smiles of the servers just for you. When I arrived, I bellied up to the bar and ordered a mojito or two, which was delicious and fresh, quenching my thirst. The club soda, mint, lime and rum were an excellent combo. My dinner companion enjoyed a crisp glass of chardonnay.

Once we were ensconced in a cozy booth that over looked the dining area, our super-cool waitress Vera brought us pear bruschetta to enjoy- crisp and savory, this was a great start to our meal.

My dinner companion enjoyed the shrimp polenta- this flavorful entrée was full of plump juicy shrimp and vegetables over polenta.
I tried the Rigatoni D, but with shrimp and chicken. This savory cream sauce over rigatoni was just fantastic!

Oh to make room for dessert. We shared the tasty tiramisu with rich cream and chocolate as well as the creamy sweet pumpkin cheesecake, with soothing cappuccino.

Maggiano’s KoP offers a sweet happy hour from 3-6pm with various premium drinks at – you guessed it $3-6! Maggiano’s Little Italy also offers space for events, weddings, dinners and banquets.

So relax after Thanksgiving, shopping (if you are out there!), or just feeling the need to celebrate everything or nothing, go out and enjoy some delicious Italian food.



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