Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MarTini Tuesdays- Kickoff!

Hello my foodie friends!

Today I am kicking off a new segment to my blog: MartTini Tuesdays!

I simply adore a great drink, and so, I'll pay homage to my favorite liquor libations- in a martini glass, of course- every Tuesday!

Today is Election Day, so get out and VOTE and then have a drink! And by drink I mean martini.

Let's start with my refreshing pear martini from the Melting Pot in King of Prussia, PA. In addition to kick-ass cheese and chocolate and main-course fondues, this selection of restaurants offers amazing drinks to complement it's cheesy (or chocolaty or savory) goodness.

Pear vodka, fresh squeezed pear juice with a slice of ripened fruit was just so delicious, I couldn't help myself. I only had one, but I sure could have had another. Cold, icy smooth and sweet - but not too- it was a perfect end to a long day.

My friend was more in the mood for something sweet, so she opted for the S'mores Martini. Vodka, toasted marshmallow syrup, chocolate swirls filled the cold glass, while the rim was dusted with graham cracker crust. As the Pièce de résistance, were three skewed Oreo-covered marshmallows placed above the rim. She was pretty darn happy. Who needs the camping, we've got your s'more right here!

Do you have a favorite place for your martinis? Where? Tell me and it could be featured in MarTini Tuesdays!

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