Tuesday, November 27, 2012

marTini Tuesday: Bahama Breeze Luscious Libations

I met my known-so-long-feels-like-a-sis pal S the other night for dinner at Bahama Breeze in King of Prussia and it was great to catch up! We settled in the bar area for dinner- her with an applewood smoked bacon burger and me with lobster and shrimp pasta, our meals were heavenly...but I know, I know, you want to know what I drank!

Dear readers, I will not disappoint you, for a had the Strawberry Fusion Martini. Made with Van Gogh Vanilla, X-Rated Fusion liqueur, a splash of Sweet and Sour all blended beautifully with real strawberry puree.

This martini was thick with flavor and bits of the strawberries, as straining it would have kept out most of the essence. It was garnished with a sweet strawberry to add even more fun to the martini! It also took a while to drink, was cold, sweet but not cloyingly so, and very delicious. I recommend this martini to all, it compliments any meal and tastes great!

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