Thursday, October 29, 2015

Actress & Historian Traci Law Takes on the Paranormal

Do you feel that?  That chill on your neck or a feeling something of smothering or surrounding you? A vibe of an area?
Traci Law, photo by Bob Christopher
When historian and photographer and actress Traci Law is on location filming paranormal reality show Ghost Detectives, she is aware of the history of places and the possibility of other presences.

Her feelings of a presence within a space and her sixth sense…yes it’s real and it’s there. “I can honestly say I don't actively turn a switch on or off to feel things.

I've walked into places that people swear up and down is haunted and not felt a thing; whereas I've gone into places not known to be haunted and have had to leave.
I’ve been in Gettysburg
 where I have felt things and even heard a sigh in the room when no one else was in the room with me,” she explains.

Traci travels a lot for filming and for her work as an actress, historian, and photographer (she’s even photographed my family and some wedding shots!) and she is all over the place. She likes to check out local places especially, and tends to pick up different vibes in different places. Scariest places she’s ever filmed…a cave with spiders! Traci doesn’t scare easily.

“I did archaeology at Eastern State Penitentiary years before it was open to the public. We were relatively alone around there and not once did I feel anything. It's still one of my favorite places with the architecture and for photography. 

At Pennhurst, I won't say there's nothing there given its history, but again, I was given permission a few years back to wander around for photography, including in the tunnels and closed buildings. I was literally by myself in these places for about twelve hours and cannot report anything paranormal,” she notes. “That said, I was far more focused on what living people might be hiding out there.  I do know a few members of Ghost Detectives were there over the summer and had something thrown at them as well as heard a few voices.  Either way, it's still a pretty creepy place.”

Plus, investigate with Traci and her team! Want to check out The Knickerbocker Hotel? Haunted Explorations Events will be hosting a ghost hunting event there on May 17th, 2016. Here are some pictures for this weekend of this incredibly active place.

You will get to investigate side by side with Bob Christopher, Dave Juliano, Traci and more! They were here last weekend and you’ll have to watch Ghost 
Detectives to see what happened!

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