Friday, October 23, 2015

Pantry Challenge - Week 2

The Serious Pantry Challenge – Part 2

Saturday October 17- Yay! My honeypie and I have been married 6 months. It’s pretty awesome. Marriage is awesome and we are having fun. The house isn’t neat, but who cares? Priorities!

I got up at 7:30a,, walked the dog a mile, Steve and I went to the farmer’s market and got some goodies: fresh cider, mushrooms, and fresh pork for dinner that weekend.  Home…and crashed out into naps. Didn’t get far in doing much on my to-do list. Played scrabble with my 89 and a half year old Grandmom, Steve and I brought her pizza and we had a great time!  I had been doing good avoiding the Diet Coke…until now.. Sunday I had slept like 10 hours. The sleep debt is real, people!
Steve woke me up to get going w the girls, as Sam and Jill and had a full day in Philly planned. And we had the BEST day! Shopping in Reading Terminal Market buying spices, bread, coffee, produce, and other goodies. We had a lovely lunch! Then we went off to the Rosenbach of the Free Library of Philadelphia to attend the exhibit of Down the Rabbit Hole where the original Alice in Wonderland manuscript was displayed, along with a ton of amazing books and artifacts.
Monday October 19- While I am happily chowing on my beloved Noosa yoghurt, I decided to look at the calories. 230, and 11 grams of fat.  ELEVEN! Does yogurt typically have this much fat? I added cinnamon, flaxseed and nutmeg, but it’s still a pretty high breakfast counter. I’m not going to stop eating it, but not every day for breakfast. 

Lunch was Thai leftover- serious yum.  Dinner- somehow I was starvvvving again, and I stopped off to Wendy’s to get a hamburger and fries (no Diet Coke tho!) and no Frosty. Im trying to cut down some of my vices here. Ate then went off to teach my class.

Tuesday October 20- Breakfast was a Perfect Bar- organic honey, almonds, peanut butter and fruit. YUM! High in calories (310, 11 grams of fat) but kept me full for 5 hours. Apple, clementine, water, coffee...
Lunch- didn’t eat lunch, had tea.
Dinner- snack at 4:30-a couple perogies, crackers and salmon spread, plus (at 8pm) 2 Bud Light Limes and half a quesadilla with my friend AB at a Mexican cantina. Good times! Home to bed and crashed OUT!

Wednesday October 21- still watching the spending! Another Perfect Bar for breakfast- the Peanut Butter is delicious! Ate my apple and tangerine.
Lunch- a splurged and got a quesadillas from the café. It’s great, and the other half will be lunch tomorrow (spend $9 on that and iced tea).
Dinner- Steve and I had lasagna at his cousin’s house. She made a delicious dinner and desert and we had a great time hanging out. And I passed out at 9:45.

Thursday October 22 – I made squash and pumpkin soup last night in my cast iron pot. Steve and I went to dinner…and I discovered it this morning. It was probably hot until midnight, and I was boxing it up at 5:15. I think it’s ok, testing a half a cup for breakfast. I’m ok, whew. Had another Perfect Bar for breakfast- full peanut butter flavor. Good, but I was starving again in 2 hours. I think that’s just me today. SO I ate my last piece of quesadilla. Im still a bit nervous to eat my soup, but I have brown rice to mix in with it. That will be the bulk of my lunch. I had a piece of prickly pear, which I have never had before, plus a kiwi.

Coffee, water.
Lunch- just a yogurt.

Okay, I am jumping ahead here, as it is Friday morning. I just got up…and I feel terrible. Instead of telling you how I did this week, which you can read below, I’m starting with the end of the week. It’s 6:00am and I feel awful.
Last night I had Wendy’s for dinner, 8 chicken nuggets, fries, a small hamburger and water. I got my hair done, and then picked up some Halloween candy to give out. Then I promptly ate about ½ of KitKats and a few Peppermint Patties, and then went to bed. I passed out (sugar crash maybe?).
I awoke this morning feeling terrible. I feel hungover. I’m puffy, my stomach hurts, my head hurts, and I’m feeling stiff. My body is screaming out in protest to all the salt, sugar, and fat, and let me tell you, I’m listening. No more!

I also noticed here how I have been skipping lunch, so when i get home, I'm starving and grab something. Not smart. Even if I eat a yogurt, it's something.

I’ve been fairly good lately, losing some weight and making better choices. Last night I made awful choices. I didn’t even realize how I had been feeling better with no Diet Coke, less sugar, and less fat. More veggies and lean protein have been helping a lot. I’m sluggish and icky. Later on I’m getting an omelet and drinking lots of water.

And that’s it for today! Stay strong y’all!

Me and my girls at the market!

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