Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Goals!

Ahh good bye September you served me well!

I hit most of my goals:

Stayed at EXACTLY my budget, got a new writing client, took a great vacation and spent most of the month outside when I wasn’t working, swam more, said lots of prayers thanking God and the universe for what I have, and seeing family more.
We also cut a lot of clutter at our neighborhood yard sale.

Now onto October! Goals!

  • Get thru Brewfest weekend without washing away in Hurricane Joaquin!! (Note, hurricane didn't hit, the sun came out, and WE SOLD OUT OF OUR FIRST EVENT!)
  • Kayak one more time
  • Hit up the beach one more time (NOTE, GORGEOUS DAY IN AV FOR SEAFOOD FEST ON OCTOBER 11)
  • Blog every week in both blogs (note- so far so good!)
  • Pay down debt of course
  • Cut clutter- working on it! 

Plus I’m looking forward to events every weekend, crisp air, bright leaves, pumpkins, Halloween parties, festivals, family and friends!




polkadotsandcurrry said...

Such fun goals you have ! I have few family goals and personal goals.

maries beauties said...

Great goals to go from, i love making a pumpkin, i can't wait for Halloween! x

Carrie Kalasz said...

Awesome goals, thanks for sharing! I would like to get pumpkins with my kids if i manage that this month ill be happy! hhahaha

Karina said...

Really good goals. You inspired me to add kayaking at least once more before it gets to cold, to my own list. Definitely didn't do enough of that.

Stressed Mum said...

Great goals, I have personal goals that I would like to get through x