Friday, October 9, 2015

The Walking Dead New Season Debuts Sunday 10/11; Walker Stalker Con Thrills in Philly

The Walking Dead is BACK for its sixth season starting this Sunday October 11 on AMC, and we are so excited!!

What's going to happen to the group?
Is Rick going to settle down or get more dangerous?
What does Morgan have to say about Rick's transformation?
Is Carol going to make more cookies?
Which fave character might get killed off...even in the 90 minute premiere on Sunday..!?
And just how sexy can Daryl get, anyhow?

I recently had the opportunity to meet some of the cast at Philly's Walker Stalker Con at the Greater
Philly Expo Center in Oaks, and these people could not have been cooler! 

The Con was a great experience for all zombie lovers, as it was on a smaller scale and was more focused towards The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. It gave attendees an opportunity to get close to the casts, attend panels, ask questions, meet their favorite actors and immerse themselves in the zombie culture.
They all said they are looking forward to the new season, and know the audience is going to be in for even more twists and turns as the group from Atlanta fights to survive in the zombie Apocalypse.

Lennie James was an absolute pleasure. An accomplished actor, working on the Walking Dead is a new realm that gives his considerable acting chops a stretch. Coming from the series Jericho and the Low Winter Sun, Lennie immerses himself into the role of Morgan, a man who lost his family and veered almost off the rains, to step back into Rick's life to hopefully save him once again. He told me to get ready for season 6..we are going to see a new level...

It was so great to meet Melissa Ponzio! Her character as level-headed Karen who fell in love with Tyreese was wonderful to watch- ahh finally love among the corpses.
Until she became one, of course, burning to a crisp! Karen still rocks it on Teen Wolf and Chicago Fire. She said working with the cast on TWD was fantastic and she had a great time!

Pictures by Samara Messer. 

Kyla Kenedy aka Mika.

The very cool Andrew aka sadistic Gareth

Oh no they got us!

The supercool Lawrence Gilliard, Jr aka BOB! with his foot!