Monday, July 6, 2009

Casting call for Director of Christine's Love Life.

I'm here watching a rerun of 90210 (the original, not the new crappy one) and I think my love life would be much easier if I had a director so I wouldn't embarrass myself or put myself in any awkward situations:

(Cut to Christine in diner with her friends, when Cute Boy and his friends sit down at the table next to theirs.

After sharing jokes and conversation with each table, Christine decides to give the one Cute Boy her number. But wait, should she..will he call? Or even email? Maybe he has a girlfriend and will completely feel like a moron if he laughs at her? Or takes it, smiles, and DOESN'T call..or maybe he will, but is a dork..??)

Director: Chrissy, baby, give the cute guy a paper with your number, Cute Boy, accept it and then call her later!

Christine: Hi. That was fun, here's my card. Gimme a call sometime.

Cute Boy: Sure. (Smiles) Talk to you soon! See ya!

Christine: Bye (Smiles)


(Cut to Christine and Cute Boy on couch)

Cute boy opens bottle of wine on coffee table (from prop boy)

Christine: I had a great time tonight. Dinner was great!

Cute boy: Thanks, I wanted to try a new recipe...Cool that you liked it.
(Smiles at Christine and leans in a little)

Christine: (Smiles back, but now unsure if he wants to kiss her..should she lean in, or wait...)


BUT save either person's embarrassment, the DIRECTOR will tell us what to do!! Whew!

Director of Christine's Love Life:
Okay, Chrissy, baby, Cute Boy is gonna give ya a big smooch, Cute Boy, show ChrissyBaby some heat! Lean it, put your arms around each other, show some affection!!!

Ahhh- that's better! Thanks, Director of my Love Life!!!

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