Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Weekend

happy the Monday after the 4th!! How was everyone's weekend??? I had a great weekend, but i literally saw like ONE firework! BOOOO! so i hope i see some this summer? anyone do fireworks at pennsic.....?

i had a great weekend, kicked off friday by getting up at 4am and doing work (um, couldn't sleep!) writing, cleaning house, then Lissa and I took Hor-Mel to VF Park and pushed her around. was so much fun and a good workout and glad Mel could get outside. the weather was great, we saw deers and ACTUAL TOURISTS! it was great!

fri night tho i didn't feel all that great and missed the HOUR of fireworks p-ville, did, altho i couled hear them - each boom shook the house. ohwell. saturday had breakfast w some grade school friends, did some yard sales (got free stuff to sell at flea mkt..chamber pots anyone..i kid you not..) and then went to my rents for dinner and to Ang's for a housewarming and 4th of july party- that was LOTS of fun!

sunday did the flea mkt w Jen Jill and Aaron and made a decent amt and got rid of a LOT of stuff...then hung out and write and chilled in the afternoon.

hope all had a GREAT weekend!

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