Saturday, March 10, 2018

Stay Safe with Seat Sitters

Be pro-active when it comes to your health.  Wash your hands often, eat your vegetables, take your vitamins and use Seat Sitters every time you hop on a plane, train or take your seat in a movie theater.  

Take control of your health with this perfect, eco-friendly kit that comes complete with an allergy mask, re-usable seat cover, a tray table cover and sanitary wipes. For just $14.99 create your own oasis with this must have product for every traveler and movie goer. it’s the perfect kit that makes travel clean healthy and fun for everyone!

Why wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to protect yourself from the flu, MRSA, eColi and other pesky germs you could encounter on your flight?  

Open the compact package, unfold the seat cover and stretch it over the top of the seat, sit down and relax.  Unwrap the included wipes and sanitize the arm rests and tray table.  
Slip on the comfortable face mask and easy as that you have taken necessary steps to keep yourself healthy and protected.

·                     Soft, comfortable and reusable seat covers for use on airplane and theater seats
·                     Includes one reusable seat cover, a disposable tray table cover, two sanitary wipes and one allergy mask
·                     Makes an excellent guard against contact with peanut and food allergens
·                     Children’s edition includes crayons to color on the tray table cover to help keep kids entertained while traveling
·                     Great to use during cold and flu season
·                     Black fabric is non-woven, disposable and recyclable 
·                     Approximate size is 24” x 61”
·                     Sold online at and on Amazon for $14.99

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