Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday RoundUp!!! Day 20!

Mally's Holiday Best Sellers Kit
It is Cyber Monday! I don't know about you but my credit card sure is tired!! But the deals, oh the deals, and you don't have to waste 27 minutes trying to park your car!

There are way too many to list here, but I've gathered some of my favorite products to shop and discuss.

SO many AMAZING DEALS today!,,, The Body,, all my favorites and yours are on sale today! Which is your favorite?

For me- it's all about the free shipping! (Each beauty site is different, so please check each site and order carefully for fine print!)
Get Spicy with the Body Shops' GingerSparkle

Don't forget the man in your life- Cyber Monday deals for guys too, like shaving kits at the Art of Shaving
Plus, don't miss LUSH's Christmas sellers today. 
The Christmas Candy Box is full of sweeties for your sweetie! 
Taking inspiration from Harry Potter's Weasley twins and their bag of delightful tricks and David Bowie's ever-awesome Ziggy Stardust, LUSH has a fresh crop of happy fun and fizzy holiday treats!

Give or try the Secret Santa Bathbomb with three bath (3!) bombs in one and full of 'the scent of LUSH' - the exclusive 29 High Street perfume.

Or how about the creamy vanilla and cocoa butter Snowman?

I love the Golden Wonder- it sure is! It has a light citrus scent with a hidden gift inside.

You can't go wrong giving or getting bath bombs- they are fun and smell so good! Try all their  Bath Bombs, Luxury Bath Melts and Bubble Bars this holiday season!

PLUS- as an added bonus- read LUSH's party planner! I love these fun and creative ideas, all with the LUSH theme!

HINT HINT- if you don't know what to get your lady friend, or female co-worker, the babysitter, a neighbor, a teacher, really anyone, LUSH's bath bombs are a fun and easy holiday gift- affordable, cute, and this fizzy gift proves you care about the gift recipient's relaxation! Drop a dry bath bomb into a tub full of warm water and watch it fizz with yummy essential oils and scents for your bathing pleasure.

If you aren't sure of what scent they would like, try the Cinders (yellow and red with a cinnamon scent), So White (white with a light apple scent), for example. 

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