Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 24 of 500 Days of Beauty! FAB's Detox Eye Roller

FirstAid Beauty Detox Eye Roller contains caffeine, a potent vasoconstrictor that constricts the fine blood vessels that cause dark undereye circles.

I am a big fan of under-eye rollers, and use a variety of them. I don't need saggy eyes! There are a ton of under-eye rollers on the market- store brands (like acme!), very high-end versions, and many individual beauty brands have their own. 

But, one of my biggest pet peeves with under eye rollers is that they don't have enough product then, and so you end up dragging a dry rollerball across the already tired and possibly saggy delicate area. 

This product doesn't have that issue. It's in a glass container which allows product to reach the rollerball right when you need it. Don't tip the bottle upside down, too much product can roll out. 

I like that the FirstAid Beauty Detox Eye Roller has an instant effect. Of course, every woman is different- this may not work well if you have very dark under eye circles or very baggy eye circles. I could feel this one working and my under eyes looked smoother and tighter and more 'I have already had a cup of coffee' and less ' Um, I just got up where's my slippers' type of face. 

·                           Hyaluronate and advanced peptides recapture lost volume and increase collagen production to reduce fine lines.
·                           Witch hazel protects and soothes the very delicate skin under the eye.
·                            The unique delivery metal roller ball gently distributes lymphatic build-up from underneath the eyes, resulting in less baggy-looking skin.
·                             Dermatologist recommended, allergy tested and fragrance free.
·                             Within minutes of application, the appearance of the undereye area is improved with more dramatic results over time.
·                             Alleviates undereye puffiness and dark circles.

·                             Diminishes fine lines. Revitalizes, smoothes and brightens the undereye area.

Tired eyes, under eye circles, dark circles, if you need to perk up, this eye roller will give you the lift you desire!

Feels nice and cool when rolling on. Order two, keep one in your handbag and one in your make area at home, even in your office desk drawer.  I really need one here at work!

This product is a must-have!

NO Parabens
NO harsh chemicals or colorants
Safe for sensitive skin

$24 for 0.34 oz.

Roll under the eye and feel a tingle as it goes to work!

Peace & Love & Beauty!

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