Monday, December 9, 2013

The Franklin Institute Offers Rare Look Inside the Mysteries of Pompeii

One Day in Pompeii, running until April 27, 2014, gives Franklin Institute attendees an inside look to the tragedy that struck Pompeii and buried the city in the year 79.

When Mount Vesuvius erupted, the thriving city was immediately covered in volcanic ash, smothering the townspeople and burying the town. This city has been perfectly preserved, unknown and undiscovered until recently. One Day in Pompeii tells the remarkable tale of the city of Pompeii, hidden from view and forgotten for centuries until its rediscovery over 250 years ago.

One Day in Pompeii features over 150 amazing artifacts on loan from the incomparable collection of the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy, including wall-sized frescos, stunning marble and bronze sculptures, fantastic jewelry, ancient Roman coins, and the breathtaking full body casts of the volcano's victims. The casts are of people as they died, frozen in time forever in their poses.

You too, can experience Pompeii and the volcano eruption. The walls will shake and you will see just how devastating this catastrophic event was through an immersive CGI experience, and witness the devastation left in its path. This was a pretty wild reenactment and completely unexpected, and gives people an idea of what happened.

By Phone: 215.448.1200
(9:00AM-5:00PM, daily)
Tickets can also be purchased on-site at the Box Office.
Sunday - Wednesday: 
Last admission 3:30PM
Thursday - Saturday:
Last admission 7:30PM

Individual Tickets:
Daytime Admissions 

Adults: $27.50
Children ages 3-11: $21.50
Daytime tickets also include General Admission to the museum.
Evening Admissions
(after 5:00PM)
Adults: $18.00
Children ages 3-11: $11.00
Does not include General Admission to the museum. 

Special Thanks to Stefanie Santo!!

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