Friday, December 6, 2013

Demalogica review and Holiday Giveaway WINNER!

Oh my gosh TGIF. What a day. Two Christmas parties tonight and beyond exhausted. Lots of stuff to write. Lots of meetings. Lotsa coffee!

Luckily, my skin looks great though thanks to Dermalogica.

I used my Clarisonic with Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser to first rid my skin of impurities and dead cells and then followed up with a generous helping of the Super Rich Repair, a super rich, creamy moisturizer perfect for colder, dryer fall and winter months. In the summer I use the Dynamic Skin Recovery is lighter and with SPF.

These skin cleansers and moisturizers are the best thing for my skin. For those that are prone to sensitivity or have aging skin, the Super Rich Repair or Age Smart kits will treat that, leaving you with happy, soft, glowing skin! With powerful peptides to stimulate collage production and an acid-free smoothing complex to improve your skin's elasticity, you can't go wrong. Essential in keeping your skin full of essential moisture.

And to let everyone in on how great Dermalogica is, one lucky reader has won the Super Rich Repair Gift Set worth $100, compliments of #500DaysofBeauty and Dermalogica.

Kim Grosser of PA has won!!!! Kim says she likes to give presents and no one questions her action. So Kim, this is for you! Merry Christmas (a bit early!) and you keep this for you!

Peace & Love & Beauty!

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