Monday, November 18, 2013

Bye Bye Under Eye, Indeed! Day 13: it Cosmetics by Jamie Kern

So, I’m amazed. Just…gobsmacked, if you will.

It’s Monday morning. Great long weekend with family, but not much sleep, long drive to and from the log cabin, and up before daybreak to get to the gym. As I’m getting dressed, I feel today would be a good day to try out my new Bye Bye Under Eye concealer from it Cosmetics by Jamie Kern. 

Because, I’m looking a little tired and worn, and my undereyes are looking a smidge (smudgy!) purplish and wrinkly. The literature DOES say it can add the look of a full night’s sleep.

Yeah, ok…

Some days, I don’t wear much makeup at all. I have pretty excellent skin for being in my 30s, I’m blonde with pinky skin and green eyes, and usually some powder and mascara is all I need. 

See ya, under eye circles! Ka-pow!

But, I thought I’d try it today. I dabbed it on, easily. It glides on with a patting motion with my ring finger, so I blend under my eyes, and I did a bit of my nose too, since I got a bit of sunburn over the weekend hiking in the mountains.

Whoa, this looks pretty nice! I look good!

Fast forward to 6:30 in the evening. I’m still beat. And my face still looks as fresh and wide-eyed and dewy-skinned as I did at 7am when I applied this. My eyes feel all pouchy, yet, I look pretty good for a Monday. My redness on my cheeks is toned down, and my face looks nice and smooth.

Best of all, I can still see my skin. I’m not so caked in concealer that I’m all covered up and you can’t see my natural glow. I’m still me. When you are up close to me, you don’t see caked-in makeup, you don’t see it at all.

I look awake! I’m using this tomorrow! And the next day!

This concealer was created with the leading plastic surgeons in Brazil as a full coverage, highly pigmented anti-aging concealer that utilizes truly innovative technology and ingredients. Bye Bye Under Eye offers a waterproof, yet moisturizing, formula that stays put no matter what. The pioneering formula contains high concentrations of Vitamins K, A, C, E and Collagen, which are clinically proven to reduce under eye puffiness and discoloration while strengthening the delicate skin of the under eye area. Bye Bye Under Eye is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

So, I'm a believer. I'm a customer for life now. Because when you find that one product that transforms you- this is it. 

It comes in four shades: deep, tan, light and neutral medium (which is what I have on).

It’s $24 for a tube of Bye Bye Under Eye. You can find it online, or at QVC and Ulta.

PLUS- if you shop now through November 25th, save 25% with Promo code FRIENDS2013. (valid on orders of $30 or more).

Peace & Love & Beauty!

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