Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 15- Smelly Cat Soaps- Soap for people who smell like cats..or just want cool and yummy soaps!

Day of Beauty 15- Smelly Cat soaps- local, fun and adorable!

Fun, unique, delicious-smelling soaps, in creative and cute shapes, reasonably priced. These soaps are great for you, your friends, your family, your kids, for anytime! 

Vicky Cangelosi is the creator and artist behind these delightful soap creations. “While I am not new to the crafting world, I am new at soap making. I love to mix and create different colors and scents, and my kitchen smells amazing every time I make a new batch of soap!” Vicky makes these yummy lather-ific creations in Quakertown, PA. 

Man Soap 

These adorable custom soaps come with a scent of your choosing- apple pie, coconut verbena, lavender, just about any scent you desire. There’s even Mans Soap and Ladies Soap which you can order in any scent including men’s and women’s fragrances through the Etsy website, where many local and small business crafts are sold. 

Shapes such as cows, doggies, kitties, tiny sea turtles, baby hedgehogs, piggies, fishies, buttons, and ballerina and daffodil imprints. Elephants, flowers and my personal faves, the Millennium Falcon and R2D2 of Star Wars.  
Millennium Falcon - Soap for those who have gone where no one has gone before..
These soaps are perfect for gift giving, hostess gifts, holiday presents, wedding and shower presents, to say thank you, guest soaps in the bathroom, anywhere really!

Shop today and buy some awesome soap from Smelly Cat Soaps- support Vicky and other local shops this week, and use this awesome Special shopping code: SMCATLOVESFBFANS to save 10% off your order of Smelly Cat Soaps!

Ballerina Soap

HELLO- buy local and shop small businesses this holiday season! #ShopSmall

And let me know what you think- which soap shape and scent is your favorite?

Peace & Love & Beauty!