Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Featuring got2b texture powder

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I'm quite thankful for a lot! My family, my love, my pet kitteh, my friends, my job, my house, my car, sunshine, turkey and so much more! What are you thankful for? 

Today I'm featuring got2b texture powder- back 2 bed (I wish!) from Schwarzkopf, for your hair. 

Today of all days is going to be a rushing madhouse, so if you don't have time for the full glam thanks to last night's partying, use got2b texture powder on your hair. 

It creates texture with a tousled, separate look with satin matte powder. It won't leave a white film like regular powder and does a double duty of eliminating hair oils on unwashed hair for a cleaner look while adding volume.

It is a fine powder you carefully coat your hands with (depending on length if hair). Rub your palms together - you won't see the powder but you'll feel it. Run thru hair, scrunch, smush, twist and curl. 

Voila- instant sexy bed head!

This product is perfect on wet or dry hair, for volume and a great to-go look!

Peace & Love & Beauty!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, shop local and please stay outta the shops today - today is for family and friends and turkey. Go nuts on Black Friday, but keep thanksgiving for the family!!

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