Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 3: Jack Of All Trades Lip Balm Collection

Day 3- Jack Of All Trades Lip Balm Collection by bareMinerals

How was your weekend- did you enjoy your extra hour? What did you do with that time? 

Relax? Sleep? Run? Shop?

I picked up a single tube of For Keeps at sample sale at QVC in West Chester. It was $5 and my friend Lis said it was a great product. I thought it would be too 'lipsticky' to quick slick on and too red for my blonde hair and pinky skin, and too thick for my lips.

Turns out, I was wrong. Glides on like a lip balm, looks like lipstick, but feel light enough as a gloss.

These lip balms are better than most of the balms on the market, are a great price and make your mouth look and feel so good!

Jack of All Trades trio (from

The secret ingredient is shea butter with grape seed oil. Shhh!

I have several tubes around, I keep Lean on Me in the sheer honey tint in my good coat for a quick touch-up outside.

I keep For Keeps at my desk- smooth but adds enough color to brighten me up for a department meeting, without leaving a huge mess on my coffee cup. The Sure Thing tube is at home on the dresser with the other beauty products.

  •         Jack of All Trades Lip Balm in For Keeps (sheer rose)
  •         Jack of All Trades Lip Balm in Lean on Me (sheer honey)
  •         Jack of All Trades Lip Balm in Sure Thing (sheer plum)

·      $22 for the trio!

Size: 0.14 oz. each


Peace & Love & Beauty


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