Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 6: Hollow & Ridge Essential Oils and Toners

Hi! Day 6 of #500DaysofBeauty!

With so many beauty products on the market, it’s easy to have a favorite for your hair or body. But what about your mind and all your senses, together?

I was recently introduced to luxury essential oil mistress Issa Dixon, whose brand is Hollow & Ridge. This trio of handcrafted essentials oils- Calm, Arouse, and Balance- is currently the hot seller at Hollow & Ridge, and they do wonders for my well-being.

Balance is crafted from vetiver, rose otto, patchouli, and lavender. This oil smells crisp and earthy and fights lethargy and depression. It smells wonderful and I feel my blood pressure ease up a bit when dabbed on my wrists while at work.

Arouse. One sniff of this sensory oil and suddenly you feel transported to a far off land with sensual smells and feelings. Arouse is created from jasmine, vetiver, neroli, and lavender and is a vacation from your daily grind. Rub a drop into your palms and inhale, then give a backrub to someone you care about. Ahhh…

Calm is crafted from Geranium, Petitgrain, Lavender, and Rose Otto. These delightful oils are merged to create a mental oasis free from agitation and irritability. This is the oil I use to relax at night, when I’m home from work and the robe and slippers are on (what? I can’t wear heels 24/7; it’s not good for my knees!)

These 3ml bottles are sold together ($38 each) or separately at $95.00 for the trio.

Rose Water Hollow & Ridge Toner
There is also two delightful face and body toners coming soon- lavender (my favorite) and rose water. Feel so cool and refreshing, smell great and energize you!

All oils are packaged in bottles Issa procures specially for their likeness to the colorful and hazy beach glass that she scoured the Amalfi Italian coast for. This luxury essential oil genius distills the lavender in micro batches to ensure highest quality of oil used in every blend you find, and in every Hollow & Ridge product.

You can find Hollow & Ridge at Anthropologie’s top 10 stores nationwide, as well as online.

Copper Stills for distilling essential oils from

 Peace and Love and Beauty!


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