Wednesday, November 27, 2013

RAZRBAR- Men's Grooming at it's Finest

In this blog series, I aim to showcase many different beauty products, for men and women, as well as salons and places to get pampered.

Today I am featuring RAZRBAR for men, and I brought my boyfriend Stephen along as my test subject. And also as a treat for him to get pampered! Man grooming, if you will.

As soon as we walked in the door, immediate attention was paid to us. Front desk Erin gave Steve a choice of beer and I got coffee. Then our Master Barber John Simonton greeted us and took Steve over to his station and they discussed what look he wanted. Steve was in for the Top Shelf Shave & a Haircut, which included an energizing facial scrub, a close shave, a haircut and a host of aromatherapy and hot towel treatments.

John’s secret to his close shaves are knowing good grooming is the key to confidence and success. After apprenticing and working at a few Philly barbershops, he went to the RAZRBAR team in the high-status of Master Barber/Trainer.

The RAZRBAR is hip without trying too hard. Blond wood floors, lots of light, wide-open spaces, marble and granite countertops, and chrome accents all serve to create a manly space. The front of the salon was a lounge area with premium shave products and accessories for sale, and in the back was the grooming and hair stations along with a foot soak area.

John prepped Steve with hot towel and trimmed and evened up his hair, then shaped his beard and shaved his neck. He then wrapped a hot towel around his face with aromatherapy oils for relaxation.

John then gave Steve a facial scrub and a cool toner and shave lotion to soothe with a cool towel, and had a chance just to chill for a moment.

When he was done, Steve said it was the cleanest shave he ever had, and definitely a cool experience.

RAZRBAR just celebrated it’s one year anniversary, and men of all ages take some time for themselves to get groomed and move on with their days, and looking ever better because of it.

RAZRBAR does bachelor parties, happy hours and other events to cater to the discerning an. Give a call – 610-489-7297.

Find your close shave grooming experience at RAZRBAR at Providence Town Center
171 Market Street, Collegeville, PA 19426

Thanks to Ed, John and his amazing RAZRBAR team!

Peace & Love & (Manly!) Beauty!

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