Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 4- The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel


Happy Tuesday! Daylight Savings Time still wearing on you? Need an eye-opener?
Well, I found one for you!

When in the shower, so many options to cleanse. I have been on the hunt for a decent grapefruit shower gel that actually smells like pink grapefruit. And doesn’t give me a headache. And isn’t sickly sweet. And isn’t made entirely of chemicals. 

So you get the idea! It’s a great product and is def in my Top Ten favorite items.

Wakey Wakey!
(Picture courtesy of TheBodyShop.com)
This shower gel incorporates pink grapefruit seed oil, which contains essential fatty acids to repair skin- which works. My skin feels soft and smooth but not slick. It also includes Community Fair Trade honey, from their Community Fair Trade partner, North Western Bee Products, in Zambia since 1991.

I love that it energizes me, and for some, the soap-free formula is just perfect for their skin. Lots of great lather, skin is smooth and silky, and make with great ingredients. DONE!
No Sulfates, no Phthalates, no GMOs, no Triclosan (ew, who wants this on her skin!?)
Not ever tested on animals and a totally vegetarian product!

Peace & Love & Beauty

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