Monday, April 25, 2016

7 Things to Do this Spring!

Read lots of books!
  1. Donate 7 unread, unused books, 7 un-played-with toys, and 7 unused or worn kitchen items, and find new and double-duty uses for ones you have
  2. Donate 7 unworn-barely used articles of clothing and/ or shoes
  3. Donate 7 household items that you do not use
  4. Find 7 News Ways to enjoy your town- a walk down a different road, drive home a different way, shop at a different store
  5. Cook / create/ make new recipes for meals- snack, smoothie, full dinner, whatever- be creative and answer the question- what are you hungry for?!
    Cooking is a great way to connect and feel good about yourself. Mindfully eat. 
  6. Listen (and maybe dance !) to 7 new songs on the radio or on your smartphone
  7. Connect with 7 friends that you see a lot or haven’t seen in a while!

Throw a party! See your pals! Be silly!

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