Friday, April 15, 2016

DASH Diet Detox: 14-day Quick-start Plan to Lower Blood Pressure and Lose Weight

Introducing “DASH Diet Detox,” a 14-day quick-start plan to lower blood pressure and lose weight the healthy way, by Kate Barrington

This helpful handbook offers all the tools you need for a healthy weight loss plan, including easy-to-use 14-day meal plans, delicious recipes for every meal, ready-to-go shopping lists, superfood suggestions for natural detoxing, tricks for breaking unhealthy habits, and advice on transitioning from detox to diet.

With this book, you’ll enjoy Vanilla Almond French Toast for breakfast, a Spinach Mozzarella Panini for lunch, Whole Wheat Lemon Artichoke Pasta for dinner and Flourless Chocolate Cake for dessert.

In just two weeks, you’ll shed pounds, lower blood pressure and detox your body!
I am loving this book, a quick little handy not heavy guide that takes up little space in the kitchen yet makes huge improvements on your daily life and feeling well-being. Less food from a box and more natural foods is helping! I enjoyed these recipes herein, and I look forward to more from Kate.

Kate Barrington specializes in health and fitness. After spending a number of years working as a professional cook and baker, Kate sought to combine her cooking experience with her love for writing and became an expert at crafting recipes. She lives and writes in Pittsburgh, PA.

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