Thursday, April 7, 2016

Paul’s Master Mind Groups: Coaching & Finding a New Path in Life

Paul Ledebur knows something about empirical evidence. He uses it—collects it, observes it, and creates it—every day in his job as an environmental scientist. He knows that evidence is the most reliable way to prove a point or draw a conclusion.

So when the evidence showed Paul that he was not being challenged and fulfilled in his work as a scientist, he knew it was time for a change. Over the years, Paul had done some teaching and coaching on a part-time basis, and he discovered that it gave him a real charge, a zest for life, and a warm feeling knowing that he was helping others realize their true potential.

So, he reasoned, this is what he wanted to do with his life and his career. A friend introduced him to Life Coaching and Leadership Training, and he hasn’t looked back since obtaining his certification. Now, Paul wants to spend his time helping others reach their dreams—the same way he’s reaching for his own.

“I have found something that I am more passionate about with the Life Coaching and Leadership Training,” says Paul.  “I get to use my natural skills and the ones that have evolved throughout the years.  This work enables me to interact more closely and connect with people on a much more personal level.  This is what I like to do and I am good at it.”

Of course, everyone wants to be happier at work and in life. But people often cite numerous excuses and simply say, “I can’t.” When asked what holds people back from doing what they really want to do in life, Paul is clear and concise:

“Fear!!  Hands down fear is the number one thing that keeps people from doing things that they want to do. People fear the unknown. They fear failure. They fear that others will look at them as something different than what they themselves are comfortable with. These self-limiting beliefs can be the end of a person’s journey toward their goal and achieving their dreams in life. Lots of things are difficult until it is learned and no one knows what they don’t know. It is impossible to move into something new without some of it being totally unknown to you and that causes the fear.  

Overcoming fear is a matter of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you do this, fear can be a great motivator. Embrace your fear and turn it into positive energy. Make that fear your driving force to keep going and master whatever it is that you are doing. This in turn gives us more confidence the next time we face a challenge where there is fear. We already know that we conquered it before…and we can do it again.”
Paul says that anyone can realize their goals of fulfillment and happiness—and he uses himself as exhibit A. What’s the key? Visualization of success, for a start:

“Picturing yourself in that place of success is key. Most people have seen athletes prepare for a game. One thing they are doing is visualizing themselves on the field being successful. This is especially true of gymnasts. Watch any gymnast before their routine. They mentally go through the whole thing envisioning the successful completion of the routine. This proves that positive visualization works. If you think that what a gymnast does during their routine isn’t anything short of amazing then you really need to think about it and/or try it yourself.” 

He goes on: “If you have a dream of how you want to be living, be it a certain lifestyle or person you want to be, then visualize it.  Then ask, what are the things that make that lifestyle or kind of person desirable.  Then DO THOSE THINGS.  Why wait!  Just start doing it and pretty soon other things will start to fall into place.  Because as you are doing those things, you have transformed yourself into that person you want to be.”

Of course, visualization is important. But it’s not the only key to being successful in reaching your dreams. Even though everyone is different, there are a few best practices anyone can follow to help them reach their most cherished desires and dreams:

“You have to dig down deep and get to know yourself to really find what works for you. However, once you have found what works for you, write it out in a plan. The easiest thing a person can do is to look down at a piece of paper and read their mission statement. This quickly brings them back to thinking about what is important in their life. The path to get there is a multi-lane road with many forks. Dig deep and figure out what is going to work for you,” says Paul.

“Whatever you do, do NOT ask others what path you should take,” he cautions. “What would they know about what path works best for you? Fact is they don’t, only you know. Truthfully, the more people you ask the more you will find that most people don’t have a path for themselves. You CAN ask them ABOUT their path and how they are managing things. You can store this information as it may be useful as a point of reference. They may even have something useful that you could incorporate but make sure you customize your path to fit you.”

Paul advises asking yourself a series of questions to “dig down deep,” as he puts it.
Examples include:
What can be done today that is focused on reaching my goal?
What purpose will that serve toward my ultimate goal?
What am I willing to sacrifice to accomplish this?
What time today will I begin this?

Paul’s techniques not only work for his students and those he’s coaching, they’ve clearly worked wonders for Paul himself—the evidence is there.

“This new path has given me purpose and provides me with excitement in my day.  I am SO HAPPY every day because I am doing something that I truly love and have passion for. It feels amazing to start working with someone who is stuck, confused, depressed, whatever and get them focused and moving on a path to success. Being a part of their awakening is priceless and their gratitude toward me absolutely fills me with honor and joy.”

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Paul’s message is one of hope: that you too can—with just a little introspection and self-realization, plus a little visualization and belief—reach heights in your life and career that you may never have dreamt were even possible. 

Paul's motto is "Be Yourself, Be Great, Be Happy!"

By Stephen Trimble


Paul Ledebur said...

I just want to thank Christine for giving me this opportunity to share my story, her husband Stephen for writing such a great article. I ESPECIALLY want to thank the readers. Having the chance to connect and inspire you all is my greatest thrill of all.

Rachel Peters said...

Great advice! I find myself always asking others for their opinions and end up pleasing no one in the end. It's my life and up to me to take ownership of it. Keep the encouragement coming!

Karin said...

Thank you for this great read Paulie. I needed this extra "inspirational" jolt today. It was like a "lets put things back into perspective" reset button. I especially liked the ending quote: "Be Yourself, Be Great, Be Happy". Life is too short to be anything but that. Live it to the fullest by being the best version of yourself everyday and good things will follow. I am a big believer of you get what you give!

Anonymous said...

That's GREAT! Love it - some healthy fear goes a long way for me. Thanks for sharing Paul Ledebur. It helps inspire the focus and connection. Getting uncomfortable helps me go for the courage to explore possibilities, develope a plan and have FUN. Please keep it coming.....

Pascale Abi-Khattar said...

Great article! It's so true about Paul and I know that from personal experience.
Paul is a great listener. I've shared some of my life struggles with him and he didn't tell me what to do (no one really can) but he at least pointed out the different facts from what I had told him and advised me to make my decision after weighing the good and the bad, the financial cost and try to put a value to the emotional distress the situation was causing me. He helped me put things into perspective and look at my situation from the outside which helped me see things in a logical manner and not an emotional/reactionary one. Thank you Paul and best of luck!

itsjennythewren said...

Great advise and can really relate to this post- fear is defo something that stops me! being comfortable with being uncomfortable- brilliant! Will look at those dig deep questions and write them down in my journal :) thanks for this xx

Brooke said...

This is such a good reminder of what is truly important. It's so easy to make excuses or think we can't do exactly what we want-but, little steps every day can help us get there. Thanks for the inspiration-keep it up!! :)