Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Having no coffee or cheese or diet soda makes me a cranky bitch!

Yep, I’m a cranky bitch on this detox.  A friend said I’d feel vaguely flu-ish and she is right! I do feel lots better on the inside, and slept better after just three days. Of course, there's that slight headache today.

Lunch is chicken, broccoli, mushrooms and cucumber slices, and water. Lotsa green tea. 

Doing this more for the medical at this point- most of April I've been having insane heartburn, gall bladder attacks, taking Zantac and Tums all the time. Of course, I also eat a lot of junk, now that I'm making myself really look at it. I spoke w a nutritionist friend over the weekend and I decided to cut out a few things this week to see how I feel. plus, overweight ppl are more susceptible to gall bladder issues.

And it’s like ok, i can not eat dairy for a week (coconut milk is great), or no cheesesteaks for 2 months, or no diet coke. I'm trying to make small tweaks. that said, im still having bread here and there or a cookie.

This weekend i really took stock in what made me feel bad. cheesesteaks, pizza, red sauce, cheese, beer, (wine is ok, just half a glass). Really making me say wow this food isn't good that I'm eating!

Coffee, not so much a problem, but cutting it out this week, i drink really weak coffee w no dairy so i don’t think that’s the culprit. Almond milk hurt my stomach so i tried another. Fried foods I’m avoiding for the most part too. sucks tho- i was at movie tavern last night..and i was like, um what can i eat?!

Diet coke is the devil even tho steve and i love it, so we are going to try to cut it out a bit. Instead doing lemon water and then a smoothie in the am, then a shot of ACV in water before lunch.

So, stay tuned!

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