Thursday, April 14, 2016

Adult Overnight at the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel

Top 10 Reasons to Go to the Adult Overnight at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia

You get drinks, food and more food.

You can tour the achieve reading room, where you can view Thomas Jefferson’s original fossil collection. I loved this!

You can see original watercolors by Audubon, and each day, a page of his book is turned to display a new work of art, a new bird or other fabulous wildlife.

The ichthyology tour shows some awesome fish, fossils, specimens, plus a catfish caught by Ernest Hemingway.

Much of the museum storage and specimen jars are stored in compacted storage, entire huge rows of shelves on a series of moving storage to better storage items in a compact space. More specimens equals more awesome!

See some wild animals! The academy is home to several awesome animals- one of which who led us on a Monster Hunt as was revealed at the end of the night! 
(Hint- it's picture her eon this page!)
Plus snakes, turtles, legless lizards and more!

One of the museum highlights is Dr. Ruth Patrick, who was 105 years old and spent her life studying science. 
She came to Philly in 1937, and had to beg to work as an unpaid assistant. 

In 1945 she was finally put on the payroll and her work in Biological Diversity and water studies is unparalleled.

You get a bedtime story read by Hollie and Phyllis the Dodo Bird- this comedic duo is hysterical. 

Not tired? We watched Night of the Living Dead at midnight and wandered around with coffee as others settled down to sleep. Hope no tarantulas from the exhibition got loose…

Just kidding- they didn’t- they were safely in their burrows, but go see these- they are fascinating, and a little scary.

And then you sleep under the T-rex!

This is an ADULT OVERNIGHT. Why should kids have all the fun?!
For less than $400 in the city, you get dinner, drinks, entertainment, a movies, snacks, an awesome place to sleep and breakfast with mimosas plus all next day admission included! Parking is nominal at the Cherry st lot overnight. It’s a brilliant concept.

So who’s with me for the next one!?

Special thanks to the overnight staff of Academy of Natural Sciences- you are fabulous!

Thank you to Jill Diffendal for the photographs!

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