Monday, April 4, 2016

Transport & Food Storage Made Simple - Food Huggers

Spring picnics and summer holidays- we’ve got you covered when  transporting, covering up and preserving your food - use Food Huggers!

Food Huggers are reusable silicone-edged bowl lids that fit on your everyday dishes. Serve, seal and store your food all in the same dish. 

I wasn't sure about these when they arrived, but I was super surprised! The neat silicone collar snugs up against the lip of the food or mixing bowl, depending on the size.
Makes storage in the fridge SO much easier now.

Plus, you aren't using sheets of foil or plastic wrap to cover ever singe time you need to put something away, equaling less food waste!

All you have to do is pop the lid on your bowl and the Food Hugger will adjust itself just the right amount to create a secure seal. Just pull the tab to release the seal. This keeps your yummy food fresh and makes for an easier clean up too!

Food Huggers are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Perfect for pot-lucks and bringing food to the party as well as a great gift for the one who is hosting. Set of 2 $15-17. 

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