Thursday, June 2, 2016

Book Review: The Spider in the Laurel

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Debuting his amazing new novel-The Spider in the Laurel

In the Citizen's Republic of America, religion is outlawed. Historian Rafael Ward is a good citizen, teaching students the government approved narrative of the nation’s history. But when he is tasked by Relic Enforcement Command with destroying the artifacts he cherishes, he begins to question the regime’s motives and soon finds himself caught up in a secret revolution.

It will take the uncompromising faith of an outlaw Believer as an ally, and the acceptance of his guilt for his mother’s death, to help Ward break free of the government’s yoke. If he’s lucky, he might also prevent an apocalyptic future for which his secular world is completely unprepared.

Ward is a great character as you see the development of his character and the experiences he encounters in his world as well as the skills he learns. 

The Spider in the Laurel questions the methods of both governmental authority and those attempting to subvert the status quo. It presents two unique visions: a new, never-before-heard fairy tale; and an alternate creation mythos inspired by Genesis and other ancient and Dark Age mythologies.

This book is creepy, mystical, and thought-provoking, posing questions of the future and our role in it.

Twitter: @michaelpogach

Released by Ragnarok Publications, September 2015
Print ISBN:          9781941987582
eBook ISBN:       2940152288223
ASIN:                     B015M8YA6E

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