Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Healthy Eating with Davidson's Safest Choice Eggs and Rigoni Di Asiago

By now, everyone knows the basic idea of eating healthier meals— no processed foods and more fruits, veggies, proteins, and lean meats. Foods such as eggs pack a surprising amount of benefits, like B vitamins and Omega-3’s! 
Eggs also provide the good cholesterol needed for mental development as well as important Sulphur-containing amino acids.

Enjoy the nutritious benefits of eggs with Davidson’s Safest Choice™ Eggs, the only kind of eggs you can enjoy entirely Salmonella risk-free. 

These ingredients mean that you can take a healthy diet to the next level, with recipes like Huevo Con Miel (Egg with Honey), a unique and healthy Spanish snack that combines a single egg yolk with honey for a sweet and filling treat. Or try this delicious recipe! 

Try using raw honey from Rigoni Di Asiago for an all-around naturally fulfilling snack.
Mielbio encompasses a full range of Italian honey from Wildflower to Acacia, Orange Blossom, Lime, Pine and many others. 

The new creamier texture is smooth and easy to spread with an even richer flavour:
a unique development from Rigoni di Asiago expertise, honey beyond comparison

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