Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Newest Inductee Presented at The Economic Club of New York

Sharaf Al Hariri, Chairman and CEO of Hozoon Holdings Limited (Investment group) was recently approved by The Economic Club of New York board of trustees as the newest inductee and celebrated Centennial Society honored guest member.  Mr. Al Hariri was invited to join a star studded conference of tycoons and scions in a private VIP reception at the 453rd lunch meeting.

A welcome speech by Mr. William C. Dudley, the Chairman of the Economic Club also President and CEO of the Second District Federal Reserve Bank of New York, kicked off the event with a rousing speech.  Emmy Award-winning journalist and anchor, Charlie Rose delivered light entertainment while moderating conversations about scientific advancements, challenges and developments of tech companies, predictions and analytics of Google with Speaker & Guest of Honor, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc.  Mr. Schmidt spoke of multiple projects in development including language translation cell phones, 3D printers that can build whole buildings and synthetic food, as the key goal was to find solutions as to how investments can be applied. 

“New York is the financial capital of the world yet we are an evolving global science & technology marketplace. Yesterday’s transaction of Saudi Arabia’s public investment fund into Uber shows that the implementation of the 2030 Vision has begun, in particular, the diversification of the countries investments as mentioned recently by HRH Mohamed Bin Salman,  Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the originator of  the countries Vision 2030. For many years we have been successful building bridges between Saudi investors and US businesses and proud to be part of The Economic Club of New York.  We have established extensive relations with key corporations here in the United States and we will continue to support the implementation of Vision 2030.” said Mr. Al Hariri. “Eventually, our aim will be not what we have achieved yesterday, but what we desire to reach, and the mark we seek to leave which we call the company's real hereditary, the heredity which exceeds numbers and wealth.”                
Eng. Sharaf Al Hariri serves as Chairman and CEO of Hozoon Holdings Limited. In his capacity, he leads Hozoon’s business strategy, investment decisions, and ventures. Mr. Al Hariri has established and directed many successful ventures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and now operates an extensive collection of firms in the Hozoon portfolio. He also successfully manages his family wealth management group focused on the public equity markets in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Sharaf Al Hariri is based in Riyadh, and travels globally and frequently to the United States. Sharaf Al Hariri has strong business ties in both Saudi Arabia and the United States and is committed to pursuing projects that are beneficial to countries, investors, and partners.

Mr. Al Hariri had the honor of ringing the opening bell of the NYSE on September 16, 2013, standing with Jeffrey Sprecher, the Chairman of NYSE.            

In addition to his business pursuits, Mr. Al Hariri is dedicated to sharing his success with individuals and groups through his non-profit efforts. He is especially interested in education and healthcare issues to name a few:
·         Honorary Chairman of Friends for Food Health, based in El Salvador.
·         Saudi Disabled Children Association.
·         Major supporter for INSAN orphanage in Saudi Arabia.
·         Major sponsor of the Newmark School for Special Needs Students located in New Jersey.
·         Supported the council for Economic Education, United States
Mr. Al Hariri has an engineering degree from King Fahad University of petroleum, Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ABOUT HOZOON HOLDINGS LIMITED - http://hozoonholdings.com/businesses.php
Founded in 2009, Hozoon Holdings Limited is a leader in sourcing opportunities in its target sectors directly and through companies in its investment portfolio.
Renewable Energy -- Dedicated to helping the Kingdom achieve its Renewable Energy objectives. Hozoon brings together experts and companies from the Saudi Arabia and U.S.in the area of the Renewable Energy sector.
Specialized Businesses – Pursues business in three local and specialized segments in the Riyadh area through Riyadh subsidiaries,
Saudi Arabia has made a major commitment to green energy, including a planned expenditure of over $100 billion USD by 2032 in solar energy -- targeted at generating a third of the nation's electricity.
With its significant committed capital, Hozoon is in the position to bridge opportunities between Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Markets including;
·         Providing both local and international expertise as the Saudi partner in regional opportunities. 
·         Contributing the investment necessary to facilitate regional development and operations.
·         Hozoon's strategies include the formation of Saudi joint ventures to provide localized service, support, and manufacturing, as well as global capital investment linked to Saudi opportunities.
·         Hozoon also licenses international technology for application in the Saudi market -- although it generally looks to bring both technology and expertise to implement project.

ABOUT THE ECONOMIC CLUB OF NEW YORK - https://www.econclubny.org/  The Economic Club of New York is a membership organization with members drawn from the top executive levels of business, industry and finance. The purposes of the Club are to promote the study and discussion of social, economic and political questions. Founded in 1907, the club has served ever since as a major forum for discussion on a wide range of public issues of interest to business people. The Club is non-political, nonpartisan and nonprofit. Their membership of about 700 is drawn primarily from the senior leadership ranks of the business and financial communities and represents a wise diversity of opinion.

 Standing: L-Right - Sharaf Al Hariri, Barbara M. Van Allen, and William C. Dudley.

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