Thursday, June 16, 2016

Indira Lourenco Creates Beautiful Spaces with Vibrant Design

Emerging Art Furniture Designer and Interior Decorator (Designer) Indira Lourenco of I.Lo Design Corp takes on the New York Design scene with meteoric force. In her debut presentation of her innovative, technologically driven luxury furniture collection she exclaims, “45 Degrees is the modern and futuristic designs that trigger the emotions of Angolan heritage, architecture and African culture.”

Ms. Lourenco’s love and devotion for art and interior design started at a young age in Luanda, Angola. She grew up designing and changing details of anything from clothes, shoes to décor just to make things more stunning and fashionable.  

Indira has always been mesmerized by the vibrant colors and patterns found in African art designs.

In 2010, she arrived to the United States speaking Portuguese and quickly immersed herself in the English Language at LSU within the Chemical Engineering program for one year. Although, she awarded a full tuition scholarship for engineering she decided to drop out and follow her passion in interior design. 

A few years later, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design with an impressive 3.20 GPA at the New York School of Interior Design / Pratt University (in 2008, I arrived to the United States, the year after in 2009, I went to Chemical Engineering program and in 2010 moved to New York to study interior design).

After graduation, she tutored her pupils in space planning, décor, visualization, CAD, 3D Revit, and Photoshop for one year. Afterwards, she started her career at Holzman Interiors, Inc. then Giorgio USA Showroom.  
She tutored while in her 3rd year of school at (New York school of interior Design) Space planning, décor, visualization, CAD, 3D, Revit, and Photoshop for one year.

In 2014, Ms. Lourenco began the design and mold manufacturing of 45 Degrees furniture collection. “There is something unique about traditional African furniture that captures shapes and patterns in vibrant and tantalizing ways that awaken all senses and captures the soul. I have always been mesmerized by traditional African furniture and wanted to create a modern and futuristic collection that triggers the same emotions of African furniture,” said Ms. Lourenco.
In 2015, Indira founded her interior design firm I.Lo Design Corp. The company offers easy access to personalized & specialized virtual design content though online forum Interior spaces. It ensures the connection of customers with business by smooth projection of designs. The company also develops customer loyalty by transforming the customer’s needs and demands into the designs.

Whilst the vision for her company believes in blending of talents, proficiency, and creativity with distinct personality and aesthetic taste, Indira aspires to capture and express the clients’ spirit and true essence into the space. The result is a beautiful and fully functional design characterized by a worldly perspective.

“Clients’ dreams stir my imagination. My passion lies in producing a final product that will satisfy even the most demanding expectations, combining functionality and aesthetic taste in perfect harmony,” says Indira.

AWARDS -Awarded Design “THIS” April 2nd, 2014 at Human­Scale Show Room: 2nd Place Winner.

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