Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hello July! Try These Epic Ways to Relax

July’s Goals

It's hot! It's the seventh month! It's high summertime!

My swimming pool! Pic by engchik
Get an ice cream at the beach- hello super icy pop or a Chilly SpongeBob, or my favorite- the frozen-brick-hard chocolate eclair bar.

FIREWORKS! Don't miss them this weekend!

Stake out a sweet spot by the pool- and stay there all day! All you need is a gallon or three of water, sunscreen, trashy magazines, some yummy snacks. and an epic novel.
Curb up on your blanket under your sunhat and you’re set.
Leave the phone in your bag, 

No need to Instagram the pool (ok, the pool, but please no hot dog legs. So over that,but let's see a shot of your metallic tootsies or your cute bathing suit ;) I'm engchik on instagram!

My Goals for July are to relax! 
Enjoy my summer! 
Stay under budget!

Reading and relaxing and sipping- my favorite! Pic by engchik

At the beach and enjoying it- with my mom here!

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