Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This Ingredient Makes Excellent Jam

I had recently seen an article on chia seed jam, and over the weekend I decided to try it. 

Hey, I had chia seeds, I had strawberries! I had honey.

I decided to slice up the strawberries and put them in the food processor with a half cup of water, and pulsed it til they were of a consistency for a smoothie. 

I poured into a glass bowl and added a half cup of chia seeds to the 2 dozen strawberries (about half a carton) that I had used. I then placed in the fridge and awaited the magic!

The next day I added honey and gave it a stire- the jam was good enough to eat right out of the bowl, and is excellent on toast. 

It’s a bit runny, and  I’m excited I was able to pull this together so quickly.

The next day, I used the rest for my breakfast smoothie.

What flavor shall I try next- blackberries or blueberries!

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