Friday, June 24, 2016

Do These 12 Things for a Productive and Happy Weekend

You made it to Friday night!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

What do you have planned? Add these little tweaks to your weekend routine and feel great!

Weekend Tips:

Drink 5 glasses of water Saturday and 6 on Sunday.

Get 2 hours of sunshine on Saturday and on Sunday.

Visit a loved one this weekend.

Ride a bike, take a walk, or go for a swim this weekend.

Clean out the pantry and plan 2 meals for the upcoming work week, and cook one healthy meal this weekend.

See friendw this weekend.
Picture by Chad R

Support the local farmers market.

Have a locally made, artesian drink or coffee.

Delete 100 emails.

Declutter and take three bags of stuff to a charity shop.

Take a nap.

Sunday- pack your lunch and set your clothes out for Monday, along with your gym bag.

What else should we add?

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