Sunday, July 3, 2016

Beauty Weekend: 2 Great Skin Care Products for your Travel Bag

I have always had a love-hate relationship with skin products. Having severely oily skin, finding “holy grail” products have always been difficult, and I usually end up thinking something is working for me, when really it’s doing absolutely nothing. 

Whether its face wash, moisturizer, toner, eye cream, gel-serums, or even face oil, I have tried it all. There is one thing I am sure of after having my fair share of make-ups and break-ups with skin care products, 

Dermalogica knows how to make a woman happy. I am a firm believer in exfoliating my skin because I know it provides a clean, bright, and smooth canvas for any product I want my face or body to really soak up. 

Their Daily Microfoliant Powder is good for people who are afraid of abrasive exfoliators because this one comes out as a powder and after adding water, turns into almost a cream that micro-exfoliates away dead skin cells. 

I, personally, prefer exfoliators that are a little rougher, but this is a perfect starter for people adding this new step into their daily facial routines. 

Dermalogica also came out with a toner spray bottle that I LOVE. I never really feel complete if I wash my face and don’t put a toner or moisturizer on afterwards, but this Multi-Active Spray Toner is unbelievably easy to put on and helps with the absorption of whatever product you put on top of it. 

I like to spray it on right after I wash my face and when the beads of toner are still visible, I mix my moisturizer in right on top of it. 

This combo is perfect for the hot weather and makes my face look fresh all day. Whether you wear this combo underneath make-up or by itself, a few dabs of powder on your T-zone, and honey you are in business. 

by Guest Poster EM

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