Thursday, July 14, 2016

Don't Get Comfortable- Stretch

We just celebrated our nation’s birthday- Independence Day- the 4th of July. For me, it signals I have 2 whole months of summer and I need to get outside instead of on the couch rewatching (ahem binge watching) Orange is the New Black again.

I need to remind myself the couch isn’t good for any aspects of my life, my tush, my health, and just my sanity. 

Getting home at the end of the day is such a relief that I just collapse and hug my pets. 
I am SO HAPPY to be home and with my husband or out with friends.

However, I am immensely proud of my day's work. I work hard each day to create the best content and support my team and fulfill my promise to my company to do a great job every day.

The workplace can oppress people, so look for ways to relieve the stress.
Incorporate that feel-good home feeling with a homemade dinner with friends, with a new recipe. Interact with co-workers on a small and fun challenge.

For me, working out, taking on new assignments, interacting with my peers, trying new opportunities, reading books, playing games stretches me- stretches my brain.

Going out of the safe zone that you have created is the best way to stretch yourself.  

This happens when things get too common or easy, or it’s too much effort to go beyond, because life does catch up with you, and some days, it’s all you can do to just survive thru the day- awake, fed, washed, others fed, at work, etc.

However, I believe it is important to go beyond the daily routine. You will always have a daily routine. You have more hours in the day than just working- use them to your advantage!

Meditation and visualization are super important- imagine where you wish to be and with that intent, keep working towards that goal.

Bottom line- don’t get comfortable. Like your job? Find new ways to improve!

Don’t like your job? Look for new projects and ways to arc yourself out into a better position!

Unhappy in love? Love yourself first and do what makes YOU happy.

Not flexible enough- try a new class- even just one small change can keep your brain and body thinking differently.

Always keep improving yourself- you are unique and one of a kind!

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