Saturday, July 16, 2016

#BeautyWeekend: Bumble and Bumble Defines Fabulous Style

Honestly, do you ever relish in the idea of going to an over-the-top hair salon, putting on one of their synthetic silk robes, getting your head professionally massaged with expensive-smelling shampoo/conditioner, and to top it all off, seeing the end result of perfectly blown out waves with no single strand of hair left behind? 

Yep, me too.

BUT, most of the time we’re not always as lucky to head to the salon whenever our heart desires, which is why Bumble and Bumble created their signature, holy-grail Styling Lotion

Let me tell you, this stuff WORKS. Their spray is geared toward any hair type-fine, fragile, damaged, or color-treated and helps create volume, shine, body, and touchable waves after styling. 

Use it on damp hair and spray in sections before blow drying. The consistency of this product is very fine and feels absolutely weightless on your hair.

I paired this spray with It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-in Product and blew my hair out with a paddle brush to create effortless volume with some waves. The styling lotion not only protected my hair from the heat of the blow drier, but left my hair ridiculously smooth and shiny. 

Bumble and Bumble has always outdone themselves with their line of haircare, but you need to get your hands on this stuff because I doubt you’re going to want to use anything else when you’re done! 

 Beauty Weekend!


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