Monday, July 25, 2016

Sync Unique Creates Fun Unique Clothes

Looking for a brand that is truly unique?
Enter brand Sync Unique.

Fashion designer Shaquille Gant, along with his brother Devante Gant, bring their fans bold, solids designs that speak to the everyday person while retaining their spark and their wit within their fashions. 

Fun T shirts, flowy shirts, and unisex  baseball tees and shirts are fun casual looks for a weekend or a workday.

Shaquille Gant began this line in last winter, in February, when it was super cold and eyes and minds were looking ahead to brighter and lighter clothes.

Shaquille “gets inspiration from everyday things whether its nature itself or music to imagination of one's mind.”

Some new looks this summer will be older, flowy dresses with a more modern twist and unique pants and shirts.

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