Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Game of Odds is in Your Favor...I Dare You

The Game Of Odds has launched its lively and interactive game on Kickstarter- offering fans the chance to submit dares that may be included in future versions.
Memorable parties aren’t just a confluence of the right food, drinks and personalities. Unforgettable parties can actually be created, believe the designers of The Game of Odds. “Boring weekends are the worst,” explains creator Walker Ward. “We created The Game of Odds to bring people together, alleviate restlessness, and make the party host everyone’s hero. We like to think that when Truth or Dare and Russian Roulette had a baby together, our card game was born.”
Players of The Game Of Odds pair off in front of guests with suggestions from the card deck. The player who draws the dare card asks his playing partner “what are the odds you will….?” 
On the count of 3 each player shouts out a number within the stated odds. If the numbers match the dared player has to do the dare. 
If they don’t, the dared player takes over the card deck and chooses a new player to dare – but that player has to choose an odds number lower than the number named in the previous round. 
Anticipation builds and builds until someone’s luck runs out and they have to take the dare.
This game has been great with friends at parties, we’ve used this game a couple times and it’s been hysterical!
During research and development Salt Lake City entrepreneurs Walker Ward, Ty Hogue and YouTube video sensation Stuart Edge test marketed over 400 dares to identify content that would be universally entertaining. Through play-testing with a wide variety of demographics, dares were selected to provide fun and laughs without being adult-oriented, dangerous, or distasteful.
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