Thursday, July 21, 2016

Q&A with Medium Armand Egidi

 Q & A with noted Medium Armand Egidi

1.How did you use your gift, now, looking back, before you realized your true calling?
From an early age I remember being able to look at someone and see what they were feeling and going through. I had compassion for all the people that I met and I tried to be there for them. I always knew what was under someone’s shield they presented publicly. I assumed everyone could see this about other people. I had a friend who I’ve known since I was in Kindergarten say to me, you always looked right through people and felt them.  To me it’s second nature so I had to think about it, however upon reflection I agreed with him. In high school, the athletes would come up to me and say, “I hear you’re the guy to talk to when I have a question”. Without anyone else around me who could do what I do, I felt like an outcast rather than “special."

2. How has your past professional work assisted you in your present readings with people?
My past professional work seems to disconnect when I am reading clients.  I’m not using my brain when I am reading. A better way of describing it would be to say If life is at 101 on the FM dial, and the source “heaven” is at 105, I stand at 103 and deliver the information to the person at 101. I literally disconnect from my conscious thinking and observe from a distance when I read.

3. Do thoughts and presences come to you unbidden, and you try to find to whom they belong? Or is it more that it comes when you are with a specific person.
I am very fortunate to have control over my gifts, so that I am mostly “off” when I am not reading. Having said that, I do have moments when I am not trying to receive information and I will. For example, when I am in line for a roller coaster ride and see the same people again and again as the line loops, I start to “go in” (receive). I am very respectful of privacy and personal space so I never start to read someone unless we start to talk, and they are first made aware of what I do. Actually, over the Independence Day holiday I was at an amusement park in Idaho. I was at the first aid stand with a scrape on my elbow. The first aid person asked what I did for work and after she found out asked me to give her some information. I gave her a message for her Mother from her grandmother who had passed: “Tell her I am so proud of my little soldier”.  She then told me that her mother was in the service.

4. You walk that line between the spirit world and the waking world. Can it be difficult seeing and hearing both worlds?
I love the feeling of being on that line between the two worlds or “frequencies”. However, having said that, at times the answer is still, “yes”.  For example I may meet a client and sense they were in a car accident or had attempted suicide in the past and I may actually feel nauseous if they swallowed pills. I may even recall the scene of the auto accident and how terrible it was. At those moments I have try and stay on the “inbetween frequency” or as I referred to it above, the 103  so I don’t feel it so much. When a reading is done I have to work on bringing myself back to the 101.  Depending how deep I’ve gone, it takes me a little bit to come back.

5. Tell me about the group events and parties you host- can it be confusing with thoughts/ presences in one spot- how do you focus on the person you are helping at any given moment?
When I’m reading in a group. I read one person at a time and go down the line. My focus is solely on that person I am reading. It’s as if I have tuned to their channel only.  Even though everyone else is present in the room, it’s as if I am only with the person I am reading when I’m connecting to them and who is around them.  At times I will have another group member’s energy that is pushing to come through.  I acknowledge this at the time however I make sure I finish with the person who I am reading first.

6. In a group setting, who do you answer/ assist first?
Before I read in a group setting I will look at each group member and start to receive for them individually.  The group member I can feel the clearest and strongest information from is who is read first.  It feels like I’m pulled to them to read right away.

7. You have a class w students to develop your gift and others gifts? How does this work?
Each member of my group has expressed a desire to develop and understand some sort of personal gift or ability. They work on their psychic, medium, intuitive or otherwise “knowing” abilities.  We work on them further developing their ability to read the energies that come through to them from a person who has volunteered to assist the group.

8. What is the most rewarding part of being a medium?
The most rewarding part of being a Medium is that I bring understanding where there is misunderstanding.  The work I do is “healing” in so many ways for the person I am reading.  I love what I do!

9. What are the drawbacks?
It’s hard to think of a drawback.  The help I give people is rewarding.  I guess if I had to isolate one drawback, it would be meeting some people who don’t believe in what I do.

10. What does the future hold for you helping others? What do you feel?
I hopefully see myself helping more and more people with the “healing” that occurs from the information I’m given to pass on to them. A feeling washes over me knowing the aid I give to people with continue to help them grow as more and more people know the benefit of receiving a “reading.”  

 He hosts a regular event every Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in his office in Flemington, NJ called, “The Knowing.” The group’s focus is assisting others to develop their own psychic gifts. His students are offered an opportunity to perform free readings on volunteers from the local community. Medium Armand also travels regularly to a variety of national and international locales to fill requests for private readings. While visiting other cities, he typically has space for a number of interested locals to see him for a reading. You can learn more about him as well as view his upcoming schedule on his website, You can also follow Medium Armand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube for additional updates.

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