Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Reflection: Welcome 2017!

CHEERS!! Happy New Year! Hello 2017!
Farewell 2016, welcome 2017!

As I sit here reflecting on 2016, I see from my Engchik Eats stats that this is my 400th blog post. I feels like I have done so many more over the last 8 years, and yet 400 seems like a huge amount of posts. 

This blog began as a way to showcase my work since the economy was so bad and I needed to get consulting roles. 

The more I worked with businesses and companies, the more work I got, and the more content I was producing. My writing, PR, social media and marketing skills were getting stronger every day. I am beyond blessed to work with such amazing business partners, clients, and friends.

In 2008, I launched Engchik Eats, and I haven't looked back. This blog has won awards, most recently Philly A List Best Local Blogger Runner Up, out of 91 other local blogs- some of which I began reading 10 years ago! It's a huge honor and shows me my fanbase is huge, and people that enjoy my content, and that I'm doing a good service. 

Event Promotions
I help a lot of local Philly/ Philly suburbs businesses, I teach a social media and blogging class, Sell That Sizzle©, and I get my energy from people. The more work I have, the more people I see and help, the more social media numbers and pictures and stats show up- the more excited it gets me- especially when it means success for my clients. 

In addition to my work with Engchik Eats and the small businesses I help advertise, I have all my professional work from magazines I'd worked on, businesses I've consulted with on social media and marketing, and events I've helped coordinate and publicize. 
Summer Fun
2016 was a crazy year. It had many good points, and a few tough ones. I've traveled a lot with my husband and best friend. I've been to the shore a lot, because it's my other home. I'd had job failures and job successes- and from each I have learned valuable lessons.

It's the year my first nephew celebrated his first birthday, and my other nephew was born- first grandbaby! It's so exciting being an aunt, and these kids are just the best.

2016 has crystallized vague things for me- solid friendships, clearer life goals and work goals, and this makes my journey so much easier because I know my path. 
Best Friends Rule

Things I have learned this year:

  • Save 1/4 of your paycheck- put it into an account you cannot touch for a while. 
  • Trust your friends and ask for help when needed.
  • Don't be a jerk when people offer help- take them up on it and say thank you.
    Don't continue to whine.
  • Network. Sell That Sizzle© !
  • Get out of town each month- to the city, to the mountains, to the beach, no matter the weather. Throw up your arms and thank the universe for your breath.
  • Sometimes breaking the funk means you have to get up, get dressed, and show up- and you'd be surprised at how great activity makes you feel. 
  • Learn to cook something new and enjoy it. 
  • Share opinions and perspectives, not hateful or judgemental views.
  • Love. Hug your family. Kiss your kids. Squeeze your pets. 
  • You don't know what others deal with daily. You aren't the only one who hurts, and when you reach out to them, you help. Don't assume that because you haven't heard from a friend or family member they are intentionally thinking of leaving you out. Chances are, they aren't thinking of excluding you- they are immersed in their own situation. 
  • When someone texts you with an actual question, thought, or emotion- don't just send a smiley face emoji. You can take 10 seconds to form an actual three meaningful sentences.
  • Sleep in once a week.
  • READ!
  • Don't say no. Say Yes to success. Say Yes to YOU. 
So welcome 2017. Happy 400th Post! 

It's gonna rock~ just like you. 

Last sunset of 2016.

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