Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Inspiration Jar at the Ready

Ever since a friend of mine posted this from Pinterest onto Facebook, I've done it.

For the last 4 years, I've put good and bad events, happy moments, nights just relaxing - all written down on a little piece of paper with purple ink. You write down the good that you did or happened to you. 

At the end if the year, I re-read them, then place into a Baggie w the year written on it. I have a little trunk with momentos in my office, and this little bag of memories goes with it. 

I've started 2017, and already have two items in there:
- A very happy New Year's Day spent with my brother, sister in law, my adorable nephew who just sprouted his first tooth, and my mom and other family. 

-got sick three days in! Sinus infection!

So while I'm reading and reflecting, I'm happy I can still write amid the pillows, blankets, tissues and tea! 

So start your inspiration jar!
Call it what you wish, and use a case, mason jar, etcetc. It's all about the times and people that were shaped with and around you. 

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