Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chef Eric Debuts Pickled Pepper Bloody Mary

Pickled Pepper Bloody Mary
·         Pickled Infused Vodka ingredients:
o   6 bottles vodka
o   1 QT Pickled Jalapenos in Liquid
o   4 Pickled Fresno Peppers
o   1 Fresh Fresno Pepper
o   1 Fresh Jalapeno
o   Infuse for minimum of 48 hours.
o   Strain, bottle.

·         Green Juice Ingredients:
o   2 Dozen Green Tomatoes
o   8 Green Bell Pepper
o   6 Cups OJ
o   6 Cups Pineapple Juice
o   1 Cup Lime Juice
o   Blend all ingredients until smooth

·         Directions Cocktail:
o   Grab high ball glass
o   Fill glass with ice
o   Add 1 ½ oz of Pickled Pepper Vodka
o   Fill glass with Green Mix
o   Jalapeno Garnish

Garlic Dill Bloody Mary
·         Garlic Dill Infused Vodka Ingredients
o   6 Bottles Vodka
o   1 quart Pickle Juice
o   10 Pickles
o   1 oz Dill
o   Infuse for minimum of 48 hours.
o   Strain, bottle.

·         Tomato Juice Mix
o   6 Cans Tomato Juice
o   1 Can Piquillo Peppers (113 oz)
o   1 Can Crushed Tomatoes (113oz)
o   1 Cup Cajun Seasoning
o   1 Cup Pickle Juice
o   ½ Cup Lime Juice
o   2 Cups Hot Sauce
o   Fill high ball glass with ice
o   Add 1 ½ oz of Garlic Dill Vodka
o   Fill with Tomato Mix
o   Pickle Garnish

Chef Eric believes that food speaks a universal language.  He has worked with Chef Jean-Louis Le Massion from Le Petite Café in France, Chef Giovanni Brunell at Il Tratattoire da Familia in Italy, and Master Chef Lee Ho of Otani from Japan. 

The world took notice, as Chef Eric became Chef de Cuisine at the famed Marriott Marquis in New York City. Chef Eric continued to incorporate internationally flavors while introducing new techniques to his preparation and presentation. 

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